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Our New FOUNDATIONS of Stocks Trading Program Will Arm You With The Practical Knowledge You Need To Manoeuvre The Market And Set You On The Path Of Success IMMEDIATELY...

"I’ve known Collin through a mutual friend at church for a couple of years now. We’ve worked on numerous projects in the financial and investor education industry in Singapore.  

He has always been genuine and generous with his ideas. His humility has made him a great and trustable person."

Chris Isaiah Executive Director, Pioneers & Leaders Pte Ltd

"His enthusiasm to empower investors without any overt bias is refreshing and very helpful.  

I believe Collin’s enthusiasm on investor empowerment puts him in good stead to serve anyone who works with him."  

Simeon Ang Equity Analyst, Maybank Kim Eng 

"His enthusiasm to empower investors without any overt bias is refreshing and very helpful.  

I believe Collin’s enthusiasm on investor empowerment puts him in good stead to serve anyone who works with him."  

Jessica Seet Assistant Director (Class 95FM)

This is Literally The Quickest Way To Learn The Basic Elements and Mechanics Of Successful Stock Trading

Fact of the matter is...the stock market game is played by millions of people everyday.

BUT what if I were to tell you that most of the people who play this game have no idea what they're doing?  

It is so easy for anyone to open a brokerage account and start trading stocks, barriers to entry are low, and you can start with little to no capital.

However, without the right approach, very few people have what it takes to ultimately succeed.  

This is where I can help.

As one of the biggest authority in Systematic Trading, I have broken down the stock trading proccess into a step-by-step model. 

This is so that you can have total control over your trades instead of leaving it to the random "luck" factor. 

At the same time, I am one of the few that have recognised that trading is best done only when you have done your homework (by properly back-testing historical results).  

That's right. 

You have to TEST out the strategy to make sure it works before it can be considered a working strategy. This ensures that your results will be consistent over time. 

Knowing when something will work and when it will not is KEY to trading success.

$28 ONLY

An example of backtesting results that I've previously done

I have pride in all our training programs because we only teach and give strategies that WORK, and not dispensing textbook style theories that may or may not work in the real world.  

We show you in detail how the strategies operate, so that you will KNOW what to do at any one situation.

"This is a foolproof recipe for starting stocks trading successfully."

If you want to finally start on the RIGHT path to learn a financial skill that will plant the seeds of success...

...Foundations of Stocks Trading is perfect for you.

In this LIVE face-to-face training, I share a few of my simple, easy and tested trading strategies that gives consistent profits over time...again and again.

With the Foundations of Stock Trading program, you have something that meets all your needs and shortcuts the learning curve dramatically.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Your Star Trader and Trainer

Collin Seow is a qualified Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) who holds a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) qualification. He has been awarded the Top 10 Achievers in PhillipCFD for many consecutive years and he is also a reputable trainer with long standing-record. Collin is the proud inventor of a stock trading algorithm/software known as “TradersGPS”. Given his vast experience in trading, he is often sought after to speak at numerous prestigious conference such as Shares Investment Conference, Shareinvestor Carnival, Phillip IFest, Investor Wealth Summit and the MetaStock Conference. Recently, he has authored his own book titled “The Systematic Trader”, that details his journey and methods on turning a $250,000 debt into profits through stock trading.

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Course Title: Foundations Of Stocks Trading (Level 1)

Course Date:

Course Training Duration:

Course Fees: $28  

Mode of Training: Webclass (Attend Online!)

Course Objectives: 

(a) A primer on technical analysis. (b) Learn the tools and techniques necessary to establish a framework for market movements. (c) Get an amazing mechanical trading strategy, back-tested for accuracy. (d) After completion students will be equipped with the skills and techniques that lay a solid foundation for profitable trading  

$28 ONLY